Words from your ‘Seekrit Valentine’

I miss the anonymous Valentine’s messages that we used to send and receive. Little cryptic snippets of love or lust. Tiny windows into someone else’s world. To bring back a little of this secret romance – far away from expensive gifts and some large faceless corporation’s idea of what love should be – I asked my readers and Twitter followers to send me their secret Valentine messages. The responses were varied and heartfelt. If there’s not one to or from you in here, why not add something in the comments? Happy Valentine’s Day!

You. Yes, you. Nice shoes. Now I’ve got your attention: there’s someone out there for whom you are the centre of their fucking universe. Know who it is? Give them a hug. Think there might be more than one? Give them all a hug. No idea who I’m talking about? Keep your eyes open. They exist, and they’ve spotted how amazing you secretly are. Happy Valentine’s Day xx

To my love, P.D. Though I know you may never read this, know that my love for you has no bounds. Just when I think we’ve seen and done it all, and I cannot love you any more, the world proves me wrong. We have seen it all at this point, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. No matter what, I will always be there for you.

Dear Love Lost
Though I know we became the people we were meant to be by virtue of our parting, I still wonder sometimes if we ought to have held tighter during our times of change. If we somehow could have, what might have been.
I miss you often,
love you always,


I owe nine and ten.
An 8 month lapsed agreement.
Will a haiku do?

To: My Merlin. I still can’t believe where things have gone with us. I couldn’t have anticipated it, and I think maybe I am grateful for that. Thank you for walking into my castle and not stopping at the closed doors. Thank you for being you. P.S. You’re a towel. <3

To Jon and Lori
You widened my understanding of love and, in doing so, caught yourselves forever in its reach.
Manda. x

Hey Monkeyface – consider this a card with a promise of a holiday somewhat sunny and warm – so much love, S xx

To L the sexy red haired vixen

I simply want to kiss you
Would I ever dare?
No, but know I simply do.


Fifty days? It feels that long until I see you next, sweet lady. The universe has conspired against us for several years now, but one day I hope to finish what we started on that exciting yet fateful night back in 2009. Thinking of you x?x

Dear Miss Riding Hood, what I wouldn’t give to catch you in the wood one dark night ! xxxx

So many years, So much fun, so many cuddles and so much love. Hope we’re still eyeing up the girls together in our eighties! *kissyface*

directed at Manda_Jones

Rarely met anyone who fills me with so many smiles for such a short time spent in her company. She has the cheekiest, hottest grin I’ve seen in years, and I’m in awe of her achievements in life. Wish we had more chances to spend time together.

Dear Sir, the way I feel about you is as hopeless as posting paper planes into the Grand Canyon, but my paper planes still carry words of love written on their wings. Fuck you x

LM: You have left me wondering if the epic chats will lead to more. If so, the plan should somehow involve a tuxedo and/or baking. Yours consensually xx

To: A beautiful red head. Thank you for giving me a chance, trusting me, and letting me in. You are so much more amazing than I ever could have anticipated, and I still feel a bit silly for ever being afraid of you. I look forward to lots more dinner, latex-sampling, cuddles and awesome quality time. πŸ˜‰

To Ian Anderson:

To make up for no pancakes
(A sin of omission)
A Valentine message
In good folk tradition.

SteveB_uk: Just from chatting with you, it’s clear you’re amazing in lots of ways that make me all melty in the middle. Hoping for a chance to return the favour someday. xx

Dear Luke, you ginger nut, I’m looking forward to making some fiiiiine music with you next time I’m in NYC. Your chirpy curly tour guide. xx

To kitty



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