Love Bomb 2013

This one’s for all you lingerie fans out there. In case you weren’t already aware of it, the Love Bomb is an annual celebration of the work of some of the best independent lingerie and swimwear designers, which takes place in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Each of the brands taking part is run by a mere handful of people (and in some cases, only one!), who are standing up against the big brands to bring you quirky and unique designs made with love. As Playful Promises remind us on their blog:

Unlike the big spenders we are in this game for the knickers – like you, we can’t get enough of them! Many a day is spent lusting after other brands’ lacy wonders and structured glories, so we thought what better way to encourage support for indie lingerie than to gather together for a big, sloppy Valentine’s love bomb! Each day, one independent lingerie brand will be offering a giveaway or competition, while the other 7 brands will be shouting a lot about it! We even put together a sumptuous photoshoot for it, which will accompany the Love In!

So, who’s involved? Quite a few names you’ll recognise from my posts on Rarely Wears Lipstick, and a few that you won’t. You’ll want to bookmark these sites, so you can keep coming back for more!

Kiss Me Deadly – Retro lingerie designed for femme fatales.
Playful Promises – Fun and flirty trend-led lingerie and swimwear.
Fraulein Annie – Lingerie for the glamorous romantic in you.
Kriss Soonik – Gorgeous edgy loungerie with signature motifs.
Velda Lauder – Couture and ready-to-wear corsetry and lingerie.
Ayten Gasson – Vintage inspired silk lingerie, nightwear and gifts.
Miss Mandalay – Fashionable lingerie and swimwear in C-HH cups.
Paolita – High end beachwear celebrating individuality and vitality.

On each day of the Love Bomb, one of these brands will be launching a fantastic competition or giveaway. For a quick and easy way to find details of all the competitions and prizes, check out the Playful Promises blog. The closing date for everything is 14th February 2013. I already know what I’ve got my eye on!

Images by the multi-talented Anna Swiczeniuk.

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