Feminism Friday: Eroticon 2013

As you may remember, last year I was invited to attend a new conference event for sex bloggers and erotica writers, called Eroticon. It took place in Bristol and was a fantastic day of panel discussions, presented sessions and workshops on many aspects of sex and how we can write about it better. The event was a huge success and so this year’s conference is bigger and better, taking place over two days in London… because organiser Ruby Kiddell just loves a challenge.

If it’s anything like last year’s event, Eroticon 2013 will be a wonderful place for networking with fantastic, creative and inspiring women. It may not be billed as a feminist event, but I’m pretty sure that most people there would self identify as feminist (whatever their gender) and it very much felt like a feminist-friendly space last year, so I thought it was worthy of inclusion in my Feminism Friday series. If you’re attending, do come and say hello if you spot me.

  • Name: Lori Smith
  • Twitter id: @lipsticklori (and sometimes @misslollypops if I’m feeling cheeky)
  • Must attend Eroticon 2013 session: “Story telling in sex education” panel session with Dr Petra Boynton, Emily Dubberly and representatives from sexual health charity Brook.
  • Bloggers you’d like to be trapped in the lift with: Assuming it’s a spacious lift… Molly Moore, Zoe Margolis, Amanda Jones, Harper Elliot and Ruby Kiddell. I know, I’m greedy.
  • Erotic writer you’d like to write your life story: This is where I admit that I don’t read much erotica, isn’t it? I don’t have much time for it at the moment, sorry!
  • Expected biggest fangirl / fanboy moment: I really hope I get to chat to Petra Boynton and Meg Barker. Anyone who gets the phrase ‘intellectual crush’ will know why this would be my fangirl moment.
  • What keeps you awake at nights? An inability to leave the internet alone, unwritten ‘to do’ lists, and (sometimes) snoring.

See who else is coming to Eroticon 2013, on the 2nd and 3rd March, in the Meet & Greet link up.

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  1. Oh! I’m so touched to be included in that rather incredible collection of lift-dwellers. I would definitely learn a lot.

    Can’t wait to see you again. x

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