Giveaway: Get intensely close with Durex

No matter how easy it is to have safe sex and prevent a whole host of nasty STIs from getting their hands on your bits, there will still be people who moan that it’s hard work. (These are the sort of people who probably don’t look both ways before crossing a road and then wonder why they nearly got hit by a bus!) But, how much hard work is it to put on a condom compared to a doctor’s appointment and a course of antibiotics? Or a lifetime of taking antiretroviral drugs? That may sound dramatic, but you can avoid all that simply by assessing the risks before taking sensible precautions. It’s not all about avoiding STIs either… it’s about showing you care. If you think that sex is less intense when using a condom, you maybe haven’t been exploring all the options available to you. There are now more amazingly thin condoms available than ever before. For example, Durex have been busily developing a new one.

Durex knows when it comes to great sex, feeling is everything – that intimate touch gets your heart racing and sets you alight. It brings you closer to your loved one from the first moment of arousal to the last embrace. It is with this knowledge that Durex has created a unique line of thin condoms specifically designed to give British lovers an intensely close experience.

Durex Ultra Thin Feel condoms offer greater sensitivity where it matters most. The ultra-thin latex used in Durex Ultra Thin Feel creates a more intense sexual experience for you and your lover, while still providing a high level of security and protection. Durex’s thin range also includes Durex Thin Feel and Durex Close Feel. These ultra-fine condoms provide a better, sleeker fit and feel during sex, to enhance sensitivity.

If you fancy trying these out for yourself, you’ll be pleased to know that Durex have very kindly provided Rarely Wears Lipstick with five goodie bags filled with packs of their fantastic new thin condoms (Durex Ultra Thin Feel, Durex Thin Feel and Durex Close Feel), worth almost 30 each. To be in with a change of grabbing one of these, just leave a comment below making sure you include an email address so that I can get in touch to tell you if you’ve won. Only one entry per person (duplicates will be removed from the draw). You have until 6pm on Thursday 7th February to enter, so be quick. I’ll pick five winners at random next Friday. Good luck!

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