Joy to the world

I never know how to dress during the festive season. Although there are often more parties to attend at this time of year, and 25th December is usually spent in a cozy home, the rest of the time it can get bloody cold. The icy British wind is no fun at all, but even less so without a ‘booze jacket’, so the daytime lead up to the partying can be somewhat drab. My office is in a 1960s building and my desk is by the window – it’s freezing in there! – so, when getting dressed in the morning, it can be tricky to find the right balance of fun and cozy to help me through these increasingly dark days. More and more I’ve been turning to one shop whenever I have a gap in my wardrobe, and they’re really good at winter treats.

Joy have everything you could need for this time of year: from a gingerbread man jumper for wearing to the office or a cozy penguin sweater dress for curling up at home, to a ballerina style net midi skirt for Christmas day or an embellished flapper dress for New Year’s Eve. As well as festive favourites like a sequinned top, cat jumper (who doesn’t want a cat jumper?), or reindeer cardigan, they even have quirky basics. I’m rather fond of the t-shirt with mittens printed on and the fantastic two bobble hat. Much as I would dearly love to spend all day wearing a hat which subtly hints that I have animal ears, sometimes there is a need to look like a grown up. If I could wear yellow without looking slightly ill, I’d be all over their beautiful gold Bonne dress (see left), perhaps with the Ivy cardigan to keep warm before the Christmas cocktails kick in. Instead, I’d probably go for the Russo dress with some red accessories. It’s reduced at the moment too, which always helps at this time of year… unless you find yourself accidentally spending what you would have saved on a few of their stocking fillers instead. But that’s OK because Christmas is all about giving, right?

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