Sex Positive: Laci Green

Today I want to introduce you all to someone quite fantastic. While others are posting videos of cats and people falling over on YouTube, Laci Green is using her channel to educate people about sex. Laci runs a sex positive education project called Sex+ which consists of a biweekly video series, a weekly live show, daily blogging, university lectures, and a peer education network. Well, what else would a 23-year-old sexuality geek from San Francisco do with her life?

In her videos, Laci has covered a whole host of interesting topics relating to sex, sexuality and relationships in a straightforward, informed and down-to-earth way. Some of the videos I found most interesting were sex toys, women’s fantasies, STIs, gender, pansexuality, Fifty Shades of Grey, prostitution, relationship labels and polyamory. Seriously, I could watch her vlogs all day… and I’d probably have to in order to catch up with all the ones she’s posted over the last few years! Covering topics like these has meant that Laci has had to deal with her fair share of haters, but I’m glad that she’s back on form as I really love what she’s doing.

You can find Laci Green on Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.

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