The A-to-Z of Sex Toys: Novelty

With the help of the lovely ladies at Lovehoney, I have begun to discover that there is a sex toy for every bit of fun you can think of, and a whole load more that you can’t. Each week I shall look at a different category of sex toys but, like my last A-to-Z, they won’t always be quite what you think. As you might imagine, all links are NSFW!

There are so many types of novelty sex toys out there that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Some are so utterly hideous that they would surely only be bought as a comedy gift for someone who would never use them. Others are ingenious or just downright baffling. There are vibrators that are designed to blend in with household objects like rubber ducks, lipstick, a make up brush, mascara and also Sex in a Can (click on that link at your own risk!). There are emergency vibrators that you are clearly supposed to keep on hand just in case the hen night you’re on wasn’t as raucous as you’d hoped. If the classic fluffy handcuffs aren’t really doing it for you any more, perhaps a vampire cock ring or a 10 speed scorpion vibrator would be more to your liking? You can even get something to fit onto your electric toothbrush these days. But is that a novelty, or just essential item for those who need to be discreet?

My favourite recent novelty find this week just has to be the Doc Johnson Wonderland Kinky Kat (see photo) which is apparently “designed to make you grin like a Cheshire cat”. The Alice in Wonderland theme continues with the heart, mushroom, white rabbit and “pleasurepillar” vibes. Who could resist collecting the set, eh?

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