Review: ghd air, the results!

I know it’s been a little while since I was treated to a ghd masterclass and given a lovely new ghd air hairdryer to go and try the tips for myself, and I suspect that some of you may be wondering why I haven’t yet posted the results of my experiments yet. First of all, I should probably point out that I don’t wash my hair all that often. It’s usually twice a week, or once a week if I’m really lucky and don’t overdo it on the hairspray! (That may sound gross if you’re a once-a-day kinda person, but trust me when I tell you that my hair really does prefer to be left to its own devices for a few days.) Secondly, I’ve been rather busy and so this post has been partly written since Sunday.

I digress. My first attempt with my new hairdryer was a sleek speedy blow-dry before bed in the middle of last week. I didn’t have much time but didn’t want to go to bed with wet hair, so I figured it was the perfect time to try out whether the ghd air really does dry your hair as quickly as it claims. I roughly dried my barnet and then divided it into three sections, as suggested by Lorna – and very hastily done, I should add! – before using one of the nozzles and a round brush to try and smooth it all out a bit. It wasn’t exactly salon perfect but I didn’t exactly spend a lot of time on it. The most important thing to note was that, despite my usual ‘lazy girl’ attitude to blow drying, the result was still a vast improvement on what I managed with my old dryer. FYI, the ghd air website describes the dryer thus:

“So what makes the ghd air different? Well, almost everything. Its 2,100W motor makes it much more powerful than a normal hairdryer, while the body itself is shaped to give you a faster blow-dry. The ghd air doesn’t just dry your hair, it uses advanced ionic technology to lock in moisture for softer, shinier results that last for longer, with far less frizzing. Variable power and temperature controls, plus the choice of two nozzles, allow you to tailor your blow-dry to your hair type, while a cool shot button helps you set your style in place with a blast of cold air.”

They should really add a bit about how it’s so good that even a half asleep lazy woman in a rush can still get shiny hair with no help! My second attempt was last Sunday morning, before going out to meet friends for lunch (see photo). A tiny bit more time taken over the blow-drying, and then not sleeping on it straight afterwards, meant I achieved a nice glossy effect without much effort. My fringe in the photo was styled using straighteners, but the rest wasn’t. Look… no frizz (unlike before)! My friends commented on how nice my hair looked and then (after telling them about my ghd air experiment), on how nice it felt too! So that’s definitely a thumbs up from me. Just think how good I’ll be with it once I’ve practised some more.

DISCLOSURE: I was given a ghd air hairdryer, styling brush and products free to review by ghd.

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