Review: Shopcade

Recently, I was invited to sign up for a new website called Shopcade, have a play around with it and write a review. It was described to me as “an online platform that lets you curate the products you love and gives you cash back when you purchase them. There are also competitions, the opportunity to earn cash back if followers buy from you, and a host of other awesome features. It works a little like Pinterest, so it’s fairly self-explanatory and intuitive.” Having never used Pinterest, I had no idea whether being like it would ensure ease of use, but I did at least get the concept – click a button to add stuff to your online collection of pretty pictures. Seeing as any pinboard of mine would probably be filled with photos of clothes I like, this sounded like it might be my kind of thing.

The site combines two of many people’s favourite pastimes: social media and shopping. It’s not all fashion either – there are so many products on there that it can be tricky to know where to start! I signed up quickly and easily, by linking the site to my Facebook account and before long was selecting items to add to my personal Shopcade. Although this makes it very easy to get started, it does mean that you can’t select a username or photo specifically for this site. Seeing as my Facebook account is rather private, this isn’t a solution I’m 100% happy with. Given a choice, I’d rather tie this in to my Twitter account – perhaps this is something they’ve got planned for the future? The reason they link you in to an existing social media platform is so that they can share your picks with your friends, and therefore lure some of them in to joining Shopcade too. That said, it’s considerably less annoying than some apps that can be added on Facebook, so I doubt it’ll lose me any friends just yet!

It’s not as pretty as Tumblr, but it’s a fun way to shop and discover stuff you wouldn’t usually notice. You can follow brands, as well as other users, and it’s easy to keep an eye out for exciting new products as soon as you log in. There are a few perks on Shopcade too – cashback when you buy items via the site and discounts you can unlock by telling your friends – which seem like they would be useful to anyone who shops a lot. Shopcade also have a fashion month campaign titled ‘Shopcade Trend Scout’. You can win the ultimate Autumn Winter look by creating a Shopcade account and completing the Fashion Week Mission, plus there’s a competition where they’ll be asking their Twitter followers to upload photos with the hashtag #shopcade in order to win a retro camera from If all this sounds like it’s up your street and you want to set up your own Shopcade account, don’t forget to follow me. You can also follow Shopcade on Twitter. Happy shopping!

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