Madonna, the biscuit tin and Moranthology

Do you like Caitlin Moran, but didn’t really fancy all that How To Be a Woman stuff? If so, then Moranthology is for you! Described as “proof that Caitlin can actually be ‘quite chatty’ about many other things” by the rather exciting book blurb, this new title promises to be a hoot for teh menz too. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to read Caitlin’s thoughts on stuff like Ghostbusters, the welfare state, Sherlock, David Cameron looking like ham, Michael Jackson’s funeral and squirrels’ testicles? I most certainly do!

That’s why, last night, you would have found me at the Bloomsbury Theatre wearing my “this is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt and listening to Moran chatter away about all sorts of stuff at her book launch. There were serious questions at the start, then some from the biscuit tin (a la Smash Hits), plus a few from the audience. We heard about how she accidentally killed Kurt Cobain, that most of her embarrassing celebrity gossip involves herself, that her daughter likes squeezing spots, her favourite ginormous twattish mug recently broke, she’d invite Madonna to her fantasy dinner party (as Madge needs to be reminded what fun is), she’s a bit obsessed with a photo of Bruce Springsteen, and there was a terribly cringeworthy incident with David Tennant and a tea tray. I won’t even go there. After hearing Moran talk for an hour, I wanted to hug her and take her to the pub. But then the time came for the signing and Amanda and I figured we’d probably just embarrass ourselves, so we didn’t stay. (Never meet your heroes, right?) It looks like you can watch a recording of the whole thing over on Caitlin’s website, so I won’t try and remember it all now. Think I might just re-watch it myself later. When I’m not reading the book, of course!

Looks like I might be getting my hands on a couple of copies to give away to you lovely people too, so stay tuned for a competition-type-thingy in the near future. Don’t say I never give you anything, OK?

Screengrab taken from the #caitlinlive video.

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