The A-to-Z of Sex Toys: Metal

With the help of the lovely ladies at Lovehoney, I have begun to discover that there is a sex toy for every bit of fun you can think of, and a whole load more that you can’t. Each week I shall look at a different category of sex toys but, like my last A-to-Z, they won’t always be quite what you think. As you might imagine, all links are NSFW!

Metal is one of the most sensual materials that sex toys can be made out of. The shiny look and smooth feel of the surface is what draws people to them, but that’s just one aspect of their appeal. You can heat metal up or cool it down – carefully, of course! – for a bit of sensation play, and the sheer weight of these toys can be exciting all by itself.

If you’ve got plenty of cash to splash, you could treat yourself to the nJoy Eleven. As the name suggests, this is 11 inches of beautifully sculpted and hand-polished stainless steel pleasure, and it comes with its own leather carrying case (pictured). For a slightly less exorbitant price, you could get straight to the point with the Pure Wand‘s gorgeous curve, or enjoy the variation of the Fun Wand. Mention the name nJoy to any sex toy aficionado and you will no doubt be treated to a review or a list of reasons why they started a wishlist for the brand!

If you don’t have the budget for nJoy toys, Metal Worx have some beautiful products at a cheaper price. Their Double Trouble Metal Dildo is cleverly designed to simulate two fingers and a thumb and, if you can’t work out how you’d use it, check out the Lovehoney blog for a hint. Metal Worx also have a smooth dildo, crystal tip nipple clamps, butt plug, a metal mini vibrator and a beautiful (if rather oddly named) anal tool. Something for everyone in that little selection, I’m sure.

If you want a sex toy that’s beautiful, functional, easy to clean and will last for years, metal really is the only way to go.

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