Making trends work for you

Although I don’t really ‘follow fashion’ as such, I do view it as something of a challenge to adopt at least one new trend into my wardrobe each season without really trying. There is always one trend that a garment you’ve owned for ages fits perfectly. Or one that encapsulates something you like always buying anyway. In addition, you can keep up with at least one new trend just on vintage finds alone. So, I know summer’s not quite gone yet, but here’s what’s inspiring me for autumn/winter 2012.

Who doesn’t love a bit of tweed and tartan, eh? I have a long vintage kilt that has become a bit more fashionable all of a sudden, and I’m always drooling over tweeds and dog-tooth checks. This one might be a bit more tricky to make work with my usual style, but it’s an easy one to piece together with second hand clothing.

Back in the early 90s, I took a trip with my uni friends to The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and I bagged a bargain – an ankle length full-skirted double-breasted red wool and cashmere coat. With the Russian hat I brought back from a school trip, that coat looked seriously epic. Sadly, I have no idea what happened to it, but any trend which brings me a little bit closer to owning its replacement is fine by me.

Does making black a ‘thing’ ever go out of fashion? You can play this one minimal in style, or OTT with lace and leather, but it’s pretty easy to find pieces that you’ll still be wearing for years to come. Grab yourself some dark red lippy too – like Besame’s Merlot – and you’ll be a dark mysterious femme fatale in no time.

Whether it’s this year’s berry shades or last year’s jewel colours, purple just keeps cropping up so it’s worth adding to your wardrobe. It’s also worth seeking out because it’s a really lovely colour! Failing that, I’ll be sticking with the oxblood velvet jacket I’ve had for years. Who knew it’d end up looking current all over again?

So there you have it. I can’t do minimal, cocoon coats drown me, and I’ve yet to find an optical or baroque print I could carry off, but it was easy to pick out the trends which work for me. Why not give it a go? Once you’ve done that part, shopping for winter clothes will seem so much easier too.

Image of Vivienne Westwood ‘Foggy’ jacket via Liberty.

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  1. STUDS! Dear GOD, don't forget the STUDS. Put them on everything. Shoes, shorts, leggings, pants, in your eyes…everything! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Fashion magazines and journalism are slowly becoming a secret pleasure of mine. Even though I have the uncomfortable combination of being: 1. broke and 2. very fixed in my fashion views.

    I like your rationale with fashion. I think I find a fellow mind with your categories! I have an absolute love for tweed, but only when its done right. I like a fine tweed or herringbone and I like to show it in a very conservative kind of way. Because I have crazy hair I sometimes get called 'nutty professor' or some kind of salutation like that.

    I also *love* epaulettes. I also love black. But I try not to do *all* black. I feel like either I look like a goth or someone from the cast of Grease. I find a great amount of self expression in my clothes, which is kind of why I keep my clothes for so long.

    I was wondering though: have you had any luck in vintage stores or charity shops finding tweed items? The perfect tweed is way out of my price range and that's when I find a cut that I actually like.

    Maybe its a bit weird or says more about myself but my fashion icon would have to be Heath Ledger's Joker (I was dressing like that when the film was released and I just thought: wow…that's me!). If I become a psychotic genius killer, I will however wear a tweed jacket with my face paint

  3. My partner has found some lovely tweed jackets in vintage shops. I can't remember where he got them though. Will have to try to remember to ask later.

    I have a great mental image of you now… nutty professor with a hint of Joker ๐Ÿ™‚

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