My heptagrin spiral skirt

Last month I told you all about lovely Jess Hawke, the Heptagrin Girl, and how she came up with the design for her fantastic maths-inspired heptagrin spiral skirt. I also told you that I’d ordered one from her Etsy shop and that we were busily choosing fabric for it.

Lori's heptagrin skirt, made by Jess HawkeWell, after a short email discussion which ended with me saying that any of the colours in peacock feathers would suit me just fine, Jess managed to find some vintage Liberty print fabric with actual peacock feathers on it. Combine that with a lovely bottle green duchess satin and what do you get? Pure awesome in skirt form, that’s what you get!

Once the fabric had been chosen, Jess ordered it and then sent me some samples to check that I was fine with the colours. As soon as she returned from her summer holiday, she was on her sewing machine faster than you could say ‘heptagrin’ and updating me on her progress via Twitter. It didn’t take long before she told me that a parcel was on its way to me (that girl is fast!), and it arrived just as I was leaving for work yesterday.

So, here’s the finished skirt. Isn’t it absolutely beautiful? Even the button on the waistband is a vintage one from her collection. Such a lovely detail! My terribly rushed photography really doesn’t do it justice, so I’m going to have to plan another photoshoot with it soon… or at least find someone to take a photo of me wearing it in daylight! If you fancy one of your own, you can contact Jess via Etsy or Twitter. Who says maths and fashion don’t mix, eh?

Lori's heptagrin skirt, made by Jess Hawke

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