It Gets Better

Recently I stumbled across a video of Glee’s Chris Colfer telling LGBT kids that ‘it gets better’. I can’t remember how I found the link, but I soon discovered that this was part of a wider campaign. The It Gets Better project, aims to reassure bullied lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans teenagers that they are most definitely not alone and things will improve. School is an awful place for anyone who is the slightest bit different, and many kids experience truly terribly bullying from classmates who would rather be mean than stand out from the crowd themselves. This weekend, a friend showed me a fantastic music video by comedian Rebecca Drysdale which is also part of this project and it’s so good that I thought it was worth passing on.

Funny, reassuring and extremely catchy, I think Drysdale’s song needs to be heard by every teenager who’s having a tough time at school. If you want to support the project a little more, you can also buy the song on iTunes. As Drysdale says, once you can choose who you hang out with, life definitely does get a whole lot better.

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