My Posts on BitchBuzz: May and June 2012

I’ve been rather slack lately and realised I haven’t updated you on the articles I’ve been writing for BitchBuzz for a couple of months, so I thought I’d post a quick recap. This is everything by me that was published on the site – in the news, life, sex and culture sections – in May and June.

BitchBuzz Life: The School of Life LIVE
“To mark the launch of their new series of guides for everyday living, The School of Life is venturing out of their London HQ and heading off around the UK and Ireland. They’ll be cramming the very best of their classes into one jam-packed evening of fast and furious entertainment as members of their faculty present the ultimate toolkit for surviving modern life.”

BitchBuzz Sex: Lovehoney Reinvents The Rabbit
“Have you ever wondered why, out of every single sex toy on the market, the rabbit vibrator was the one which got the most attention? Why did people rave about it? Why did Sex and the City mention it? Why did every woman need to own one of those ugly noisy things? Personally, I just didn’t get it. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand the hype.”

BitchBuzz Culture: A Weekend of Burlesque at BurlyCamp
“I should probably admit right now that I am one of the founders of BurlyCamp. The idea came about when I started to describe just what it is I love so much about burlesque. I love the creativity, the fun, a chance to learn new skills, and the sense of community that comes when friendly people set out to create something people will love to watch.”

BitchBuzz News: Strip Clubs Do Not Cause Sexual Violence
“Is there a day that goes by without at least one portion of the mainstream media shoving their narrow minded sex-negative agenda in our faces? If you search for news articles about sex, you will get a lot of very disturbing headlines, including many with ‘stuff in quotes’ which we think is some kind of crappy shorthand for ‘don’t shoot the messenger’.”

BitchBuzz Sex: Wear Condoms. Get Tested!
“Sex is a wonderful, energetic, messy, hot, complicated, sensual, hilarious and amazing thing to do with your body. When you wrap yourself around another person, or have the possibility to do that in the near future, it can be really difficult to think rationally. After all, hormones and instincts take over. However, it’s worth training yourself so that one of those instincts is to look after your health.”

BitchBuzz News: Women in Football and Sport’s Double Standards
“As sports fans are keen to see more coverage and reporting of women’s sporting endeavours, and the women participating are sick of being treated like second class citizens, Stylist launched their Fair Game campaign which aims to banish sexism in sport.”

BitchBuzz News: Women’s Bodies are Disgusting (Apparently)
“As you may have heard, Michigan has banned a female representative for using the V-word in a debate about abortion. Lisa Brown apparently said that the controversial bill represented a personal attack and so, in discussing this, she happened to mention part of the female reproductive system.”

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