The perils of playsuits

I’ve never been one for jumpsuits. That particular type of all-in-one garment has always struck me as hideously impractical for women, as I always imagine that bathroom trips will need to be anticipated much further in advance. So because of this, and being in possession of a pair of very short legs, I’ve never even tried one on. Not even for a bit of a laugh. Playsuits are a teeny bit more tempting though, with their utter cuteness and adorable retro appeal. Every time I see a model prancing around in one on the beach, or posing like a proper pin-up, I start to imagine myself wearing one. For some reason, I think I’m going to look that good.

Tara Starlet have a gorgeous Hawaiian print playsuit (pictured), plus a lovely striped 50s style. Vivien of Holloway have a fantastically practical retro playsuit available in a number of different fabrics. You can even get some gorgeous vintage-inspired playsuit from high street stores like Oasis and River Island. I found those two via ASOS who have a whole host of modern and retro playsuits for sale. My favourite, however, has to be the Playful Promises tuxedo playsuit which is perfect for a spot of evening glamour, whatever the season. All very tempting but… what if you don’t have the proportions of a model?

If your body is short and the playsuit is fitted, the top part won’t sit right. If your body is long, the crotch will be extremely uncomfortable. Online retailers don’t often provide measurements for anything other than bust, waist and hips, so there’s no way of knowing whether or not the suit will give a decent fit until you try it on. My advice would be to make sure there’s a decent returns policy before you buy, and don’t get your hopes up that the fit will be absolutely spot on. If you do manage to find something that’s perfect for you though, make sure you can get out of it super quick too. Ya know… just in case!

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  1. Oh but I do so love a playsuit…….I do just find though that with a large chest they just do not sit right. They either split me at the crotch – or they are baggy (the perils of being short and busty – I sound like a Carry On character) I have not found any that have a little elastine in for that nice stretch.
    I must have a look at those from Tara Starlet – they look simply divine!

  2. I have a play suit that looks like a dress, means way less flashing! But yes, going to the loo is a pain as is keeping all the fabric off the floor when you go!

  3. Yeah, playsuits really do need sun, don't they? Add opaque tights and you're just reminding yourself that it's not a proper summer this year. *sigh*

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