The multi-talented Ian Bruce

One of the winners at this year’s Erotic Awards was Ian Bruce, creator of the glorious erotic art book RubiCANE: SOUVENIR. He said before the winners were announced that, if he won one of the golden winged penis trophies, it would be “the omniscient presence on my dining table”. I would very much like to see that!

If you have yet to be introduced to the work of Ian Bruce, let me get you up to speed. As one half of The Correspondents, Mr Bruce spends some of his time in the recording studio and bounding around on various stages up and down the country. He is also an established portrait artist, creating his more x-rated artworks under the name RubiCANE. I wrote about RubiCANE: SOUVENIR on BitchBuzz earlier this year and am happy to report that, through sales of the book, Ian has so far raised over £650 for Outsiders. The money is being used for the overall running of the charity, events and helpline.

If you are interested in acquiring a book for yourself, or receiving a list of the remaining artworks for sale, then email him or visit the RubiCANE blog. In addition, Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors on Mare Street in Hackney (part of The Last Tuesday Society) will be exhibiting the as yet unsold SOUVENIR drawings from 16th June to run alongside an exhibition on Sebastian Horsley. The opening event for this show will be 4-8pm on Saturday 16th June and, apparently, Stephen Fry will be doing a reading.

He may have finished studying pornography for his art, but Ian is still adding a touch of creativity to the adult world by designing his own range of dildos for Illicit Touch. Sounds most intriguing! He’s also set himself a new challenge, this time unrelated to sex – an iPhone drawing every day which he will be posting to his facebook arts page and Twitter. Ian says, “The drawings create a rather schizophrenic visual diary […] I am open to suggestions so please send me a message if you would like me to draw something in your honour. I need the stimulus!” You heard the man… send in your requests now.

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