Review: Masquerade ‘Amira’

I was already aware of Panache lingerie after discovering their fantastic bras during a fitting at Bravissimo. What I didn’t know until I was offered a choice of something to review, was that they have several other brands, under the Panache umbrella. I studied the email with the usual amount of enthusiasm that I reserve for lingerie and swimwear (i.e. lots!) and, much as I loved the bright colours of the Cleo set on offer, I was drawn to a silky plunge bra from Masquerade, available in D to G cup. I figured I had a gap in my wardrobe for sophisticated luxurious lingerie that is comfortable enough to wear every day – who doesn’t! So, I selected the Amira style, with its gorgeous satin plunge bra and lovely smooth looking briefs, and waited for it to be delivered.

Choosing a size when you haven’t had a chance to try a bra on can often be tricky. I already have a Panache plunge bra, so I figured that a similar style by a brand owned by the same company would probably require the same size. When the set arrived, I was not disappointed. The bra fitted perfectly, with only a small adjustment to the shoulder straps required. The silky fabric of the Amira style may be luxurious, but it is definitely something you could wear every day. The briefs don’t have exposed elastic which can sometimes chafe around the bikini area and dig in on the bum, so I knew they would be super comfy all day, but the bra… well, this needed to be tested.

I wore the set all day yesterday and can safely say that this lingerie is very comfortable indeed. The applique details on the bra did rub a little under my arms, but only when I was lounging on the sofa in the evening at a funny angle so that’s probably entirely my own fault! The underwiring on the bra sat comfortably and the band around the back sits perfectly without rubbing or digging in. A good fit combined with all day comfort, a beautiful design and the sort of silkiness that you just want to put your hands on? I think I’ll be wearing this set a lot… and adding their Harem style to my wishlist!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a Masquerade Amira bra and briefs free to review by Panache.

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