Can celebrities design lingerie?

This week I discovered that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is using her, er, expertise as a lingerie model to design a range of underwear for Marks & Spencer. Can celebrities with no fashion design experience actually put together a decent collection of lingerie? You wouldn’t think it was that easy, but anyone who pays enough attention to how comfortable attractive underwear is constructed – and who listens to experts giving them advice on what is and isn’t possible – could come up with a pretty decent collection. With a willingness to learn, rather than simply putting a famous name to something designed by others, it is possible for a celebrity to build a well respected brand. I think Kelly Brook, Caprice and Elle Macpherson has already proved that it is indeed possible. I’m looking forward to seeing what Huntington-Whiteley and M&S come up with.

Image via Marks & Spencer.

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  1. I have no textiles or fashion background at all, but I am a bit confounded by the whole celebrity branding of things as an attempt to elevate them from whatever it was to make them famous, to say, great novellists or perfumiers or such.

    Does one need to be an actual designer to make good lingerie? I'd think so. I wonder if there are 'ghost-designers' like ghostwriters who actually do the hard work in making these products. If the celebrities actually designed them then more power to them. I'd love to know what's involved in the process of making such items!

  2. Yeah, I always wonder whether the celebrities actually design the stuff, or whether they just say yes to other people's designs. I wonder if we'll ever find out?

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