My Posts on BitchBuzz: April 2012

I have to admit that I didn’t write many sex and relationships articles for BitchBuzz this month. I had a short unplanned hiatus, but now I’m back with a vengeance! Hopefully the Cybher conference on 12th May will help inspire me for future articles. In the meantime, here’s what I covered this month…

BitchBuzz Sex: How to Have Better Sex, But Not the Cosmo Way!
“If the covers of women’s magazines were to be believed, you’d think we were all on a quest to have better sex. Even if that’s true, the thing is… we don’t all want to do it their way. Trying a new position, completing a quiz or sifting through lists of tips to find the ones which work for us doesn’t always seem like the right thing to do.”

BitchBuzz Culture: Fifty Shades of Submission
“Are you sick of hearing about Fifty Shades of Grey yet? The erotic novel by E L James seems to be everywhere at the moment. Even if, like me, you haven’t read the story of how an emotionally damaged man enters into a relationship with a naive young woman, you won’t have been able to escape. It would seem that, not only can women not get enough of this book, but the media can’t stop talking about it either.”

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