The A-to-Z of Sex Toys: Behind

With the help of the lovely ladies at Lovehoney, I have begun to discover that there is a sex toy for every bit of fun you can think of, and a whole load more that you can’t. Each week I shall look at a different category of sex toys but, like my last A-to-Z, they won’t always be quite what you think. As you might imagine, all links are NSFW!

If you’re wondering why I didn’t begin my A-to-Z with this one, perhaps I should take a moment to remind you why you shouldn’t start with anal. It’s common sense really. Just the same way I wanted to slowly ease my readers into the world of sex toys, you should work up to anal sex rather than diving right in. First things first, you’ll probably want to clean up down there before getting started. A douche is a handy way of freshening up for the partner on the receiving end, and it’ll also provide a bit of extra confidence if you’re not keen on mess.

The next consideration is lubricant. Be cautious about using lube with a relaxant in it, as you should be doing the relaxing yourself. If you numb the area, you’re less likely to notice if something really does hurt which could end up causing damage. Instead, focus on foreplay and use fingers to gently build up to the main event. Go for a lube like Maximus which is designed to stay slippery for longer so that you don’t need to stop to reapply as often.

A good way to get started with anal play is to try a butt plug. They come in all shapes and sizes, with plenty of small ones for beginners. If you want to work your way up to something bigger, you can even get a pack of three different sizes. Once you’re used to wearing something inside, you might even want to treat yourself to something quite special like the Julian Snelling Rosebud, made of stainless steel with a large jewel at the end.

Once you’re prepared, it’s time to explore larger options and toys that deliver more sensation. Anal dildos come in many shapes and sizes – smooth, angled, and even beautifully graduated like the Lovehoney Bubblelicious Orgasmic Glass Anal Dildo. If you like that sensation and want to try something a bit more advanced, the Rascal Glass and Silicone Beads have got some rather good reviews. Sounds quite… challenging!

Safety wise, remember to keep anal toys for anal play only and use condoms on them where possible to make cleaning easier. Don’t skimp on cleaning – Lovehoney’s SQWERTY sex toy cleaner is cheap and easy to use, so you have no excuse. Don’t use anything that doesn’t have a flared base, or you will end up being the subject of one of those A&E stories! And make sure you never ever run out of lube.

Image via the Lovehoney blog.

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