On sex and relationships…

There are many aspects of sex and relationships that I have already written about in my weekly column for BitchBuzz, and so I thought it might be worth linking to a few of my favourites here. If there’s anything else you’d like me to cover, please let me know. I always like to choose topics which will interest people. I’m also happy to expand on any of my existing subjects if you’d like to know more.

On relationships…
I have written about discussing relationship boundaries and talking to your partner about anything and everything (because secrets can be bad). I’ve covered ethical non-monogamy in general and polyamory more specifically, plus the somewhat related topic of jealousy in relationships. I’ve given readers my tips for moving in with a partner and for lasting relationships, have discussed the five stages of relationships, and have covered the nasty subject of break ups and moving on. More recently, I’ve written about different kinds of love and how to keep your head when falling for someone.

On sex…
My most important and often repeated message on the subject of sex is to stay safe and get tested! I’ve also covered coming out as bisexual, women and masturbation, female ejaculation, tips for good oral and anal sex, plus where to start if you’re curious about kink. I’ve discussed trying to be less orgasm focused – suggesting taking the scenic route in bed – and have also written about how to cope with a lack of sex. Recently I’ve covered sex education, vibrators, the tricky issue of consent in porn and erotica, more tips on safety, and why your sex life is none of my business.

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