Feminism Friday: Consent is sexy!

Here we go again. The company who once brought you adverts showing women in control of their sexuality is not only re-visiting dead-eyed high fashion territory with one of its latest videos – albeit for a somewhat couture section of their range that hardly anyone can afford – but it is also suggesting that all women want it really so why bother asking. Seriously, WTF is wrong with Agent Provocateur?

Back when I first discovered the brand, I picked up a gorgeous booklet in one of their boutiques that was a naughty tale of lesbian lust, illustrated with gorgeous drawings and photographs. Tomboy Georgette spies on the lovely Claudine and then rescues her from her awful husband in a tale of Parisian love with a twist. The drawings all featured AP lingerie, and each photograph had style names and prices of the items beneath it. However, despite the fact that it was clearly a brochure to promote their products, Agent Provocateur had designed it in such a way that it was sexy, tempting and in the end quite irresistible. Just like their lingerie was at the time. With bras going for about 80 and briefs at around 50, their range was still a special treat back then but one which was worth the effort. It was something that many women would save up for, treat themselves to, or request as a gift. These days, the prices just make me think that I could get something just as pretty for less elsewhere! Seriously, 145 for big pants?

So why not vote with your purse and choose to spend your money with a brand which doesn’t feel the need to advertise sexy lingerie by using a video of a woman who doesn’t appear to have consented to the groping she’s receiving. Instead of the Francoise bra, why not go for the eyelash bra from Playful Promises? Instead of the Janey corset with its lack of steel boning, you could buy two of the amazing cabaret lace Laurie corset from What Katie Did! Instead of investing in the Bubbles range, you could just pop over to ASOS and nab their Lyla body. If for some reason you’re tempted by the Mercy body, why not just by the Collette body stocking from Ann Summ… hang on… they’re both hideous. Just say no!

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  1. Personally, I prefer what she's wearing before she gets molested by those creepy looking women. Not. Sexy.

    I'm mildly traumatised that Discover Mademoiselle don't seem to exist anymore – they were my beloved budget AP, and with sensible prices for not very sensible looking underwear! 😉

  2. Blergh. And that sort of unpleasant imagery also has the weird implication that men might actually like a passive blank doll-like partner – whereas I can't think of any men I know who wouldn't be at best put off or deeply troubled by a partner who was any less than joyfully and obviously enthusiastic.

  3. @emmapeelpants – Sensible prices for not very sensible looking underwear? Love this idea! I need to hunt some down. Just my kind of research 🙂

    @LyleD4D – Sorry. The AP one offended my eyes and for some reason I felt the need to share. At least the Ann Summers one *knows* that it's trashy.

    @closeenoughtoread – I hadn't thought of that! They're just perpetuating the myths that men can't control themselves and women really shouldn't admit they like sex. Grim.

  4. Haha I love your point about “lack of steel boning” in the corsets because it really demonstrates a quality that just doesn't match up to the price.
    And I agree, bodystockings are the devil's work.
    Really interesting post!

  5. @Scantily Clad – Yeah, and I thought that Triumph charging 100 for a retro-styled plastic-boned corset recently was OTT. Agent Provocateur garments may look pretty in the official photographs, but the quality just isn't there in real life.

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