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When you think of Topshop, it’s easy to think solely of waif-like teens and promptly dismiss any mention of their lingerie department. After all, a teenage girl’s only requirement for her undies is usually that it’s comfy, so rails of three-for-a-tenner cotton briefs with cartoon characters on would surely be all that’s on offer. OK, so I have bought Wonder Woman boy shorts from Topshop myself in the last six months, but I happened to notice while I was there that it’s not all about stretch cotton pants and tiny training bras. They often do big knickers and loads of retro styles that suit curvy girls too. I popped back last week to see what they had this season and to jot down a few of my findings for you.

There was a pretty cotton floral bra with button detailing plus matching floral cotton panties with a sheer backside of eyelash lace, a cute satin underwired bra with decorative stitching, a stunning blue lace body, and some gorgeous hibiscus print nightwear – the bralet even uses vintage techniques I learnt at the lingerie workshop last year! OK, so the fit on these items might not be as great as it is with more expensive brands, but it’s a good way for women to begin to discover that lingerie isn’t just about something to wear under your clothes. It’s not just about sex either. It’s about making you feel good when you get dressed. Well done to Topshop for opening the door to a wider world.

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  1. Ooo that's good to know! So many of my girls turn up with the same pants from the same 2 or 3 stores, I need to tell them about this. Thanks for the tip x

  2. Anyone who doesn't know you're a photographer might be slightly puzzled by that comment, Matt 🙂 Seriously though, Topshop have some great lingerie at excellent prices for those girls who don't have much cash. I should maybe do a post sometime with a list of great brands/stores and what you should go to them for.

  3. “it's a great way for women to begin to discover that lingerie isn't just about something to wear under your clothes. It's not just about sex either. It's about making you feel good when you get dressed.”

    Oh I love this!

  4. What an awesome blog! Thanks so much for the link 🙂

    I guess I was thinking of 15-year-olds, so perhaps shouldn't have used the word teenagers!

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