Fashion Advertising vs The Real World

Models don’t have to wear skirts that ride up, sleeves that are too long, or garments that aren’t made to measure. Models don’t have to worry about clothing being unflattering when they’re sat down, or crumpled when they stand up again. But that’s because, while they’re working, models don’t live in the real world. During the shoot they have someone checking that every aspect of looks perfect. Better than perfect, in fact. Away from the fantasy of that fashion shoot, however, both the models and the clothes they display to us are very real indeed.

The world that fashion advertising and magazines show us is a bit like The Matrix. All those glossy images are, to quote Morpheus, “the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” And the truth? Shit happens – deal with it. Everyday life isn’t like a fashion image. Our jobs and social lives involve doing more than posing in a flattering way, bad lighting and adverse weather conditions can’t always be avoided, we have to keep our own hair/make-up in check, fabrics go bobbly, seams split and food drips. We can do our best to look like just like the models do those photographs and get paranoid when we can’t manage it, or we can simply pick out what matters and focus on that.

I will never be that tall and slender and my hair will never be immaculate all the time, but I really don’t care. If the photograph draws me in and makes me want to visit a shop and try something on, then it’s doing its job. If the item doesn’t fit me, it’ll be because it isn’t made to measure and/or it’s just not my style. If it fits and I love it, then I’ll buy it… but I don’t have to look like the woman in the photograph. She’s not me. And no matter how effortlessly glamorous she looks, I can guarantee you it took way more effort than most of us can be bothered with.

Image via Fever Designs.

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  1. haha nice Matrix reference. Yes, the models in the ads are not my body type at all so I've found bloggers as a great frame of reference for me. They help me see creative ways to wear something that I already own or want to buy.

  2. I agree, I love fashion blogs with outfit photos for just that reason. It's nice to see how clothes look in the 'real world' and also get ideas on how to put together outfits. They bring the fun back into fashion.

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