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One of my most exciting discoveries at Eroticon last weekend was, oddly enough, one of the sponsors. The lovely ladies from Lovehoney arrived at the conference with lots of sex toys, plenty of knowledge, and loads of enthusiasm for talking to strangers so I had to have a chat with them. They were a fantastic bunch with a great sense of humour, and helped introduced me to all sorts of new playthings. I fondled the amazing Minna Ola and discovered just how programmable it is. I cooed over the LELO Mia vibrator that I’d been lusting after for a while, and eyed up a remote controlled rechargeable version of the We-Vibe. Not everything they brought to show is was quite so pretty though! There was the scary looking but rather innovative Spider Hands Free toy for men and the frankly quite baffling Lovehoney Sqweel oral sex simulator – lots of lube required? – but neither can quite match the OMG factor of the mains powered Rock Box! However, the toy that instantly went on my wish list though was the Neon Wand – an easy to use and look after update of the notorious violet wand. An interesting selection indeed!

Rather than being completely sales focused, the Lovehoney girls were just keen to share their expert knowledge of the products, which made me warm to them instantly. Hella Rouge, Alice and Gemma all write for the Lovehoney blog and have shared a fair few tips and reviews in their time. It’s all friendly, honest and to the point so you don’t get caught up in loads of marketing blurb while you try to find out if it’ll hit your spot. OK, so they’re not mind readers and so don’t know exactly what works for you, but they’ll help you find out for yourself. I chose the image above because I think it cleverly sums up the confusion that can often surround the purchase of sex toys and the approachable way that Lovehoney helps you navigate that. If you’re looking for a great company that knows it’s stuff and makes shopping for sex toys fun, I’d definitely recommend you check out Lovehoney.

Image via the Lovehoney blog.

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  1. So do I! They had so many fantastic toys to show us… and that was *before* I started browsing their site. I could spend hours and hours on there.

  2. I've been impressed with Lovehoney for years now – always liked their attitude, and the speed they do the order/delivery thing.

  3. Ha! This is so funny. My friend used to work at Lovehoney and I thought she might know you as she worked with bloggers. But when I asked her she said she didn't. Clearly you know them though!!

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