My Posts on BitchBuzz: February 2012

Here’s another of my monthly summaries of the pieces on sex/relationships that I’ve written for BitchBuzz recently, with links, just in case you missed any of them. As I’ve been writing for this fantastic site since December 2009, there are plenty of other interesting posts from me over on BitchBuzz, so I have linked to a few of them in the sidebar. Enjoy!

BitchBuzz Sex: Why Your Sex Life is None of My Business
“It doesn’t make us more efficient at work if we’re a bit kinky in the bedroom. It doesn’t make us more likely to be a crappy friend if we’ve slept with more people than we remember. We’re not less fashionable if we still have our virginity, or less creative if we’ve not had sex in five years. Our sex lives bear no relation to the rest of our lives unless we say so.”

BitchBuzz Culture: SOUVENIR, Where Porn Meets Art
“This book is a celebration of sex in all its diversity. If you are looking for an interesting, thoughtful and sexual gift to give to a lover this Valentine’s Day, you really should take a look. Not only is it a beautiful book to own, but sales will also help to support a very good cause. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity Outsiders, which does invaluable work to recognise the sexual needs of disabled people.”

BitchBuzz Life: I Love You, But Not in That Way
“We all know that there is much more to love than that. We love our families, our children, and our friends. We continue to love our partners, even once the drug-like effect of new passion has worn off. Fathers of babies, mothers of teenagers, BFFs, and couples who have been married for fifty years all love each other dearly, yet ‘I love you’ only conjures up images of passionate 20-somethings.”

BitchBuzz Life: Having Fun While ‘Flying The Red Flag’
“Oh, periods. That wonderful time where your body reminds you that it is probably physically capable of making a baby, given the right ingredients. For some women it’s an entire week of pain, for others it’s simply a few days of mess. However, there is one subject that is guaranteed to raise an eyebrow or two at this time of the month, and that’s sex.”

BitchBuzz Life: Are You Proposing Today? If So, Why?
“Do you think heterosexual men enjoy being expected to be psychic and know how/when/where their girlfriend wants them to propose, and with which stupidly expensive ring? Do you think all lesbian couples wait for 29th February so that they can pop the question? Don’t be ridiculous. If you want to get married, JUST ASK! It doesn’t matter who you are or what day it is.”

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