Oh, look… I’m a sex blogger

Back in 2009, I discovered BitchBuzz and immediately decided that I simply must write for them. I messaged the editor, Cate Sevilla, and one of the questions she asked me was which section of the site I’d like to write for. I considered the subjects I was knowledgeable enough in to enable me to write regularly, and then compared that to what BitchBuzz already had. Could I fill any gaps? It turned out that the sex section was somewhat lighter on content than the others at the time, so I offered to write a weekly article. When my first piece went online on 4th Dec 2009, I had no idea this would be the start of something bigger.

Since then, I have become the official BitchBuzz Sex & Relationships columnist and have been posting to the site on a weekly basis for over two years. It’s been challenging trying to come up with new topics to write about each week, but it has helped me expand my horizons and knowledge of sexuality. I have covered sexual ethics, kissing, shame, sex education, fantasies, sex toys, orgasms, oral sex, positions, beginners kink, safe sex, anticipation, media coverage of sex, female ejaculation, anal, labelling sexuality, porn, lack of sex, swinging, masturbation, assorted sex tips and a few product reviews too. Funnily enough, after a year or so of this, some people started to think of me as a sex blogger.

I didn’t really think of myself as a sex blogger though. After all, Rarely Wears Lipstick is my blog and I didn’t really write about sex here. Which got me thinking… why don’t I start writing about sex here? What’s stopping me? After all, the subject of sex sits perfectly well next to fashion. Women’s magazines have been doing that for years! Plus, one of my great fashion loves is lingerie, and that really is a good fit. So I decided to expand the subjects I covered on my blog and make space for my sex writing here too.

This year I shall be fully embracing my new sex blogger status. I’ve been interviewed by the lovely ladies at The High Tea Cast for their March ‘sex and relationships’ podcast, and on Saturday I’ll be sitting on two panels at the first UK sex writers conference, Eroticon 2012. Then, in May, I’ll be speaking at women’s blogging conference Cybher. Can you believe that, when Sian first asked me to be a part of Cybher, I naively asked her what she wanted to me speak about!

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