Fall in love with yourself on V-Day

I’ve mentioned before that lingerie should be primarily purchased with the needs of the wearer in mind, rather than anyone who might have the pleasure of viewing it, and I figured this was probably worth mentioning again as it’s Valentine’s Day again. There will be much skimpy frilly joy being wafted around retail outlets with the suggestion that it will be a “treat for him” on 14th February. This just makes me wonder, a) about women who are dating other women, and b) if anyone considers that it’s confident women wearing lingerie that look hot. If you hate wearing a thong covered in pink hearts, it’s really not going to set anyone’s pulse racing.

You might be lusting after some gorgeous Playful Promises ‘eyelash’ bra and briefs, pretty yet comfy Limited Collection basics from M&S, anything made by the divinely named Buttress and Snatch, amazing vintage inspired pieces from Made by Niki, or just simple Moomin boypants from Topshop. Doesn’t matter. If it makes you feel good, you’ll look good! Of course, I personally like a bit of vintage style glamour, so my choice would involve stockings and suspenders. An easy way to make any plain black lingerie set appear more sexy, whilst also remaining comfortable, would be to invest in a Vargas ‘Roll On’ girdle from Kiss Me Deadly. Lounging around the house alone in your skimpies doesn’t get much better than this!

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