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Back in 2010, I posted about how I get my 1950s style curls to stay, but more recently I have been somewhat less successful with that look. If I sleep in the rollers, I need to make sure that my hair is dry before my head hits the pillow if I want to avoid the dreaded frizz. If I don’t sleep in the rollers, I need to make sure I use loads of product otherwise the curls will drop faster than you can say “dammit”. As a result, I have been searching for a way to easily create a glamorous look that will hold its own.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am incredibly lazy, especially when it comes to my hair. Any styling routine that takes too long to explain or to actually carry out will very quickly fall by the wayside. Remember that book on 1940s hairstyles that I gave away recently? It just looked far too complicated, so I stuck with quick and easy tips I’ve picked up from various places over the years. The problem is… I still kinda want my hair to look as effortlessly glamorous as it does when my hairdresser styles it. So, it’s time to bring in the professionals – more specifically, John Frieda and a video tutorial called retro curls.

OK, so it looks a little bit faffy in places, but there’s not too much to remember and it seems like it might be the sort of thing that I’d get quicker at with practise. Over the weekend, I’m going to set aside a little time to try this out and will then report back next week to let you know how it went. If the curls last, it might even be worth a bit more effort than usual.

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  1. My hair is naturally a little bit curly, so it takes a curl very well. But even so, it is far too thick for me to bother with curling tongs or straighteners – you need too many sections and it takes ages! I use a heat cap so I can do it all at once.

  2. A heat cap? That sounds intriguing. My hair is mega-thick too, so sectioning always takes *forever*. When I sleep in rollers, I put them in while watching telly in order to alleviate boredom.

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