My Posts on BitchBuzz: January 2012

It has been suggested that I provide a monthly summary of the pieces I’ve written for BitchBuzz, with links, just in case you missed any of them. As this is clearly a brilliant idea (thanks Amanda!), I decided to get started straight away with a post directing you to the articles that were published in January. As I’ve been writing for them since December 2009, there are plenty of other interesting sex/relationship posts from me over on BitchBuzz, so I have linked to them in the sidebar in case you fancy a rummage through my archives!

BitchBuzz Culture: The Museum of Sex in New York City
“The large museums are often well known and well frequented in most major cities, but it’s often the smaller places that have the really interesting exhibits. As the BitchBuzz Sex & Relationships columnist, on a recent trip to New York City I just couldn’t resist visiting the Museum of Sex on 5th Avenue.”

BitchBuzz Life: How to Talk to Your Partner
“It never ceases to amaze me just how many people have things they reckon they can’t tell their partner. The person they’re in a long-term relationship with, sometimes living under the same roof and often the person they’ve made a public and legal commitment to. Surely that would be the one person who’d you’d share the good and bad stuff with?”

BitchBuzz Style: The Lynx Effect for Ladies
“You know Lynx? The amazing fragrance for men that makes us lose all control instantly and just want to rip the clothes off whatever hunk of man meat we catch a whiff of the stuff on? The one with the totally realistic adverts where hundreds of gorgeous women shed their garments and run towards a poor Lynx-drenched chap who doesn’t stand a chance? Well, now all that passion could be ours too!”

BitchBuzz Life: Things Teen Mags Never Told You About Sex
“When you’re a teenager, losing your virginity is often quite a big thing on your agenda. I remember wondering how I’d find a boyfriend, whether it was easy to kiss like they did in the movies and, later on, what on earth I was going to do when it came round to sex. There was always plenty of advice around, but it never seemed to be the right stuff.”

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