Introducing… The Polyam Bloggers

It’s great when casual discussions lead to exciting new projects. Ethical non-monogamy in its many forms is a topic of conversation that comes up a lot between some of my friends, and it’s always interesting hearing other people’s opinions on the same aspect of this. We all have different labels, tastes in people and activities, relationship set-ups and past experiences, so one description of non-monogamy or polyamory from a single point of view was never going to be enough. It needs to be a discussion. Quite a few of us have blogs where we write about such subjects already and we all have very different styles, so a suggestion was made that we each write about the same topic on a given day. We will post our thoughts onto our own blog on the first Monday of every month, and will link to the other posts in the group so that you can get a variety of opinions. We are primary, secondary, dominant, submissive and parent… amongst other things! The only aspect we can’t cover is a male perspective, so do let us know if you are a male blogger who is interested in our little project.

Poly Means Many: There are many aspects of polyamory. Each month six bloggers – ALBJ, An Open Book, More Than Nuclear, One Sub’s Mission, Post Modern Sleaze, and Rarely Wears Lipstick – will write about their views on one of them.

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