The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Zealous

As with many things, when it comes to sex, having some enthusiasm for the task at hand is usually considered to be of benefit. An eager lover is far more desirable than one who simply lies back and thinks of what they need to do tomorrow. A partner who is keen to lay their hands on you and is excited about trying new things can bring out the fervent side of all of us. Whether it’s a passionate zeal for the act itself or the person you are about to engage in it with, enthusiasm will win you many admirers. As long as you pick up some skills along the way, and are considerate to your lover’s needs, eagerness really can go a long way. Don’t take it too far though. Erogenous zones are, by their very nature, sensitive and so being over-zealous will put an end to your encounters pretty quickly!

As you can tell, this is the end of my Alternative A-to-Z of Sex. I am keen to start another alphabetical run-down, so am taking suggestions for saucy themes. I may be going with the A-to-Z of Unusual Sex, for those words that you may not have heard of, but all ideas are welcome.

Image via UggBoy‘s Flickr photostream.

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