What I Wore Wednesday

Sometimes it’s good to wait. A few months ago I tried on a skirt in John Lewis and it was pretty much perfect for me. A wide waistband that sat on the natural waist, a full skirt, carefully placed patch pockets and beautiful button detailing down the back. It was the sort of wool mix that meant that the fabric hung beautifully and, if looked after correctly, would last a long time. The only problem was that it was not cheap. At all! That Ted Baker skirt cost £149. I knew it would be an investment but I just didn’t have that amount of money, so I vowed to wait for the sales and hoped that it would still be available in my size. Fast-forward to Christmas and one of the items that my parents gave me didn’t fit, so I headed to John Lewis (where else?) to see if I could exchange it. On the off chance, I looked at the rails of Ted Baker clearance items and couldn’t believe my luck when I found a Joele skirt in a size 3… and half price! Braving Oxford Street so soon after the start of the sales could have been a massive mistake but, as someone told me yesterday, “fortune favours the bold”. I know it’s only a skirt but looking awesome is the first step to being awesome, right?

I couldn’t resist Transatlantic Blonde’s suggestion that my new skirt should become part of a What I Wore Wednesday blog post. After all, that means I have a valid excuse to put a picture of Cher from Clueless on Rarely Wears Lipstick. The story of the skirt has proved that, like Cher, I don’t need to be a “ditz with a credit card”. If something is worth it, I can probably get it for less. If not, I can do without. My top in this photo was being discarded by a friend. The shoes were from an outlet store. I have decided that 2012 is going to be a year where I stop impulse buying (yes, even small items of make-up), and leave the credit well alone. I shall think more about slow fashion and the price we pay for our sartorial desires. What are your plans for the coming year?

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