The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Visual

When you look at sensual photos of attractive people, does it turn you on? It’s a well reported fact that men are more easily stimulated by visual cues than women. However, this doesn’t mean that women don’t find the sight of their partner in a state of undress – or some really good porn – a turn on, it just means that we usually need a bit more than that to get us to a point of action. Combined with touch, smell and even sound, visual stimulation can have a very obvious effect on most women too. We should all enjoy this more. Rather than plunging right in with some hardcore videos, why not start gently? Admire each other’s bodies as if you’ve never seen them before. Relish the parts that excite you, as if you are creating a mental image to store and save for a time when you’re not together. Choose erotic rather than pornographic images for your alone time. Start slowly and build up. After all, good things come to those who wait.

Image via Maite‘s Flickr photostream.

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