The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Scent

Scent plays a big part in attraction for some people. We all know this. For some, it’s that fresh-from-the-shower smell that turns them on. For others it’s their partner’s choice of bottled fragrance mixed with their own natural scent. Your lover may even be attracted by a smell that you assumed they wouldn’t like – perhaps the tasty aroma of food on your breath or the wonderful natural smell of your genitals. Everyone is different and so nothing can be assumed. For me, it’s the way scent can revive memories that makes it so very fascinating. The way my hair still pleasingly smells of someone else’s bed the day after, or the way that walking past someone on the street who wears the same cologne as an ex can mean I’m almost transported back in time. The most powerful of flashbacks often seem to be powered only by our sense of smell. Olfactory memory might not sound like a spectacularly sexy term, but the results can often be far more erotic than you might first think.

Image via Ms. Tina‘s Flickr photostream.

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  1. I'm glad you said it, scent is incredibly powerful! Men, sadly, are taken in by the advertising of Lynx et al and think that a magic spray can will summon forth a horde of totty. Oh no – a distinctive and natural scent, one that does not smell of weird chemicals and propellant, works wonders WHEN USED SPARINGLY guys. Good post LipstickLori! x

  2. Kitty: yes. Also, I love how people smell different after sex – more specifically, after orgasm – there's some almost imperceptible change in sweat which I just CANNOT get enough of. Mmm.

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