Awesome Ideas: Giving up Twitter

Yes, you read that correctly… I’m giving up Twitter for a week. Even though I’ve added this to my occasional “Awesome Ideas” series, I’m still not 100% sure it is. It’s something of an experiment really. Can I get more done if I’m not constantly checking for new tweets on my phone? Will people still read my blog if I’m not prodding them on Twitter every time I publish a new post? Will I lose loads of followers? I suspect there will be some short-term ‘damage’ to my online presence with some folk starting to forget I exist after one day, and all the traffic which usually arrives at this blog via Twitter simply evaporating, but I’m hoping there will be some personal benefits to balance it all out. So far today I have already finished a book of short stories that I’ve been carrying around for months, cleared a large portion of my inbox and my attention span seems to be lengthening a tiny bit. My head feels clearer, now that it’s free from all that excess noise.

Who knows what will happen over the rest of this week. Maybe I’ll finish Grace Dent’s book and find out if she really does leave Twitter (I suspect not as she was still there last time I looked!). Perhaps I’ll find a new use for my smartphone’s data connection? I think I should attempt to write a ‘To Do’ list for the week and see how much I manage to tick off by Sunday. Whatever happens, updates on my progress will follow. Here, rather than on Twitter, of course. In the meantime, if you are on Twitter yourself and enjoy anything that you read on Rarely Wears Lipstick this week, I don’t suppose you’d tweet a link to it for me would you? Oh dear… perhaps that’s the withdrawal symptoms starting already!

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  1. Ohhh a new blog, who are you? Don't you know blogs are soooo 2010! You really should get on this new thing called Twitter… it's like, totally ossum!!

  2. Very impressed – I've noticed the compulsive twitter checking getting worse in me – must give it a bit of a rest *puts laptop down… tries to put phone down…* gah! It's pretty hard – lasted a few seconds there though!

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