Writing Sex Right

One of the many things I enjoy in life is talking about sex. Whether the subject is how to do it, what turns you on, who you do it with, or who you tell, talking about sex with the right crowd of people can be fascinating. Writing about sex is fantastic too. Blogging about sexual health, real-life stories, sex tips or writing erotic fiction… it’s all rather fascinating and extremely educational. So, when you get an open-minded non-judgemental group of people together to discuss sex and all the ways they write about it, things get really interesting. So, you can imagine my delight when I was invited to be on a discussion panel (or two) at the UK’s very first sex blogger and erotica writer’s conference, Eroticon 2012!

The conference, which is taking place on Saturday 3rd March in Bristol, will be helping experienced and aspiring writers to “write sex right” with discussions and workshops. The schedule is packed with inspirational sessions and speakers, including writing workshops, tech sessions plus discussion panels on subjects such as getting published, identity and ethics, and sex in the media. The conference is the brain-child of erotica author Ruby Kiddell, who felt there was a need for a safe and inspiring event where sex bloggers and erotica writers could meet, learn and discuss. Speakers and sessions confirmed so far include:

I am lined up for two discussion panels – Identity, ethics and blogging, plus Sex and the media – which promise to touch on some very interesting issues. However, I am also looking forward to checking out some of the other sessions as I feel there may be a budding erotica writer hidden inside me somewhere! Whether you are a published author, or want to see if you can earn money from your saucy stories, whether you have an established sex blog or are simply thinking of starting one up… Eroticon has much that will be of interest to you. There will even be a cocktail party at the end of the conference which promises seductive readings from some of the UK’s most exciting emerging writers. I suggest you book your tickets now. Something tells me the hotel rooms of Bristol will be a rather fun place to be on the night of 3rd March 2012!

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