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Blogging is still very much a hobby for me, and so it’s always exciting when I get an email from someone I’ve never met telling me that they love Rarely Wears Lipstick. It’s even more exciting when the email is from someone offering me free stuff. OK, so you might think that an email saying my blog is great whilst also offering up a free sample might not be 100% genuine with the praise, but I can safely say I have received enough generic PR/marketing emails to be able to spot one that has a more personal touch. Not only was I flattered that a search for lingerie blogs would have turned up my site, the email I received from Caroline at lingerie brand By Caprice was actually friendly and personalised. Would I like to write about their lingerie? Most definitely! I’m always up for finding another brand that sells pretty and affordable underwear, so I found a style I liked, emailed them my size and waited. It wasn’t long before a parcel wrapped in ribbon arrived on my desk containing the lovely Lilylou bra and briefs in black with red embroidery.

By Caprice was founded by model Caprice Bourret in 2006 in order to create beautiful designs at affordable prices. The brand is currently undergoing an expansion, with companies such as ASOS, Next, Littlewoods and Debenhams stocking By Caprice lingerie. They have also recently launched with New Look, and will be the only underwear brand on their site. Caroline said in her email to me, “we hope the quality of our designs and garments speak for themselves!” and I have to admit that she’s right. I’ve looked closely at a lot of bras available on the high street and have been surprised at home many brands use plain straps, bland detailing and lumpy lace on what is clearly supposed to be more than an everyday garment. Having a few frills on something doesn’t make it special, but attention to detail does. The straps on my new Lilylou bra have pretty red details, the bow is large yet inoffensive and the lace is smooth enough to not show through all but the clingiest of dresses. This was actually quite surprising from something so affordable.

Although I was surprised by how full the cup was on this bra – there is a lot more cleavage on show when Caprice wears it, compared to me! – the fit was very good indeed, making it a fantastic option for a beautiful everyday bra. My only issue with the set was that the briefs don’t offer quite enough bottom coverage for my size 14 rear, so I’m not entirely sure they would be comfortable for a full day in the office. A rear-view image on the website would help when working out how the briefs are cut, but the shape might be fine for those of you with a smaller backside. Speaking of size, one of the great things about By Caprice is that the bras go up to a G-cup. I have written about lingerie many times and received comments from many women saying that the brands I’ve mentioned just don’t come in their size, so it’s nice to know that some companies who are able to offer larger sizes also realise there is definitely a market for something bigger than a D.

The thing I liked most about this brand was that Caprice said she wanted to inspire other woman to feel as fabulous, positive and sexy in their lingerie as she does. As someone who understands that beautiful lingerie is a confidence boost for the wearer rather than being solely about titillating your partner, I really appreciate the sentiment. Both the items I was sent came with a tag that said, “I hope you enjoy this little indulgence, carefully crafted to make you look and feel even more special. Love Caprice”. Her lads’ mag modelling roots may show in the photographs for the range, but Caprice’s lingerie really does offer more than just sex appeal.

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a Lilylou bra and briefs free to review by By Caprice.

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