Festive Fever

As the festive party season approaches… I know, I know… I’m sorry. It seems as though the moment Halloween is out of the way, everyone says it. Every women’s magazine and website, anyway. Once we hit December it’s apparently ‘party time’, so we all need to buy some pretty things to wear in order to look gorgeous while we get drunk with our friends and colleagues. But how many parties do we really go to at this time of year? Is it actually any more than usual? Well, even if it’s not, an excuse to at the very least browse a selection of gorgeous dresses is not something I would personally ignore. There is definitely a psychological boost to seeing so many strong colours and sparkles in the windows of clothes shops at this time of year. When the winter weather is as grey and damp as it often is in the UK, we need all the help we can get to cheer up. I’ll take party frocks over the ridiculously early switch-on of Christmas lights any day!

Although the high street is always filled with lovely occasion dresses as we head deeper into winter, you can never be sure that you won’t bump into someone else wearing that exact same outfit at one of your parties. Much as I shouldn’t really care, like many people, I do prefer to be a little bit unique and so it’s nice to do your shopping somewhere different to the masses. Well, this is where Fever Designs always comes to my mind. Eye-catching vintage-inspired clothing at a reasonable price is enough on its own, but just look at their Christmas collection! The Austen pencil dress, the Christie one-sleeve dress (also available with straps), the Cinderella party dress and the Arvila gown are all available in stunning jewel-bright colours. What better way to satisfy a need to be fashionable yet also stand out from the crowd?

In addition, the lovely people at Fever have offered readers of Rarely Wears Lipstick a 10% discount during November. Just enter the code LIPSTICK at the checkout when you make your purchase via the Fever website. The offer’s valid until 30th November 2011, so that’s plenty of time to browse their range and perhaps get yourself some cozy knitwear or a new coat for that pesky British winter weather too.

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  1. Haha! SO glad you said that about this so-called “party season”. I think I go to more parties in summertime. December rolls round and there's the work Christmas party, and then everyone sods off for the holidays. I am also equally baffled by the sudden explosion of sequins and sparkles on winter party-wear. Do we ALL have to tinsel-up? I'm not a sequins girl, myself. Think I shall scour Fever as looks like they have a nice mix of sparkle/non sparkle. 🙂

  2. It's weird, isn't it? I really don't think I go to any more parties in December than at any other time of the year. I'm not one for sequins either (*so* not machine-washable!), but they seem to be on everything at this time of year. I'd much rather spend my money on something that doesn't look so “christmassy”.

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