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There are many aspects to sex that the majority of people are unaware of and so never fully explore. Because society has taught us that sex is “naughty”, many people fail to look further than intercourse with a few positions and a couple of toys and, while this works fine for many, for some people it’s not quite enough. Some folk feel that sex means something more to them and so want to look further than the mainstream. If this sounds like you, how do you go about exploring new things? There are some practices – e.g tantra, BDSM – which can add to your knowledge of your own sexuality and help you derive more pleasure from it. If you are unsure where to start learning, let me introduce you to Sacred Pleasures which is a sex-positive space for personal growth in London, helping people explore their sexuality via events and taught workshops.

Coming up next month is something of a crash course, offering attendees a little taster of lots of things covered by Sacred Pleasures. Pleasure Portals takes place in Whitechapel on Wednesday evenings in November (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd) and offers you a chance to “add some extra juice to your fantastic sex life”. If you’ve ever wondered what tantra’s all about, or have fancied weaving some BDSM into your erotic play, Rebecca Lowrie, London Faerie and Claire Black will use these four fun-filled evenings to introduce you to the main aspects of conscious sexuality. Each evening is designed to give you a safe taste of something new in the hope of deepening and expanding your sexual potential.

Another offering for beginners is Pleasure Parlour No. 5 “Arousing Words” which takes place in east London on Sunday 20th November, 2.30pm to 8pm. If you’ve ever fancied writing erotica and don’t know where to start, this workshop could be for you. As the Sacred Pleasures website points out, “seductive stories have a way of stirring up our deepest desires and passions” so writing really could be a way of finding out more about yourself and enhancing your sex life. This event will be hosted by Rebecca Lowrie and London Faerie, with published erotica author Scarlett French helping you to write your own titillating tales, elegant erotica or sensual smut. I shall be attending this workshop and hope to create something that I can perhaps share on this blog. Maybe I’ll see some of you there?

Images via Sacred Pleasures.

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