The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Manual

M is for manual… and I’m not talking about an instruction book. Manual stimulation is considered by some to be a solo act and so is often overlooked as part of sex with a partner. Whether it’s for foreplay or penetration, hands can take us to a whole new level. Use your fingers to explore how your partner feels and responds to your touch, changing your strokes from soft to firm and back again. You can be playful or sensual using tickles, scratches, tenderness and spanks to excite and tease. Hands can administer pain or pleasure all by themselves. They can slap, pinch, stroke or rub. Chose any part of your partner’s body to focus your attentions – don’t just stick to obvious erogenous zones – and don’t be afraid to move around a bit. Use your imagination rather than a checklist. After all, changing gear is much more fun than driving an automatic.

Image via Tim Snell‘s Flickr photostream.

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