Vivien of Halloween!

It’s no secret that I love Vivien of Holloway clothing. When I first discovered their 1950s style dresses at the start of my vintage/retro obsession, I thought I’d struck gold. Using adapted 1950s patterns and making the same garment in many fabrics has meant that they will always feature on my wishlist. After all, if it fits, why not get one in every colour that suits you? I have a couple of their wonderfully cute and comfy gypsy tops, which are perfect for a spot of glamorous lounging around, and I also have a gorgeous VoH circle dress which has now been worn so often that it’s no longer saved for ‘best’. In fact, that’s the Vivien of Holloway dress I wore for my photoshoot with Rankin. Quite frankly, after all that wear and tear, I think I deserve a new one!

However, there are just so many to choose from on the site that it’s rather tricky to know where to start. My pear-shaped figure means that full-skirted dresses are definitely the way to go so, despite the fact I’ll never fit into the stunning blue gold dragon sarong dress, at least that helps to narrow down my options slightly. The cupcake blue circle dress would go well with the petticoats I already own, I’ve always wanted a polka-dot one (especially this adorable multi-coloured frock), and now they have a ladybird print fabric too! And they do that pattern in their fantastic new day dress shape too. But, first things first… Halloween is fast approaching and that means parties. Why spend your hard-earned cash on an ill-fitting fancy dress costume when you could get a gorgeous Vivien of Holloway frock to wear again and again?

There are plenty of styles on the site which are available in plain black (cotton or satin). When combined with a pointy black hat these are perfect for that glamorous ‘pin-up witch’ look, as illustrated by the devilish Anna Fur Laxis, but they can also be worn all year round with more traditional accessories. If you fancy something a bit more eye-catching, there are a few prints that would do rather well at this time of year too: check out the classic pirate fabric (who doesn’t love pirates, right?), the luxury twinkle of starlights, or perhaps the rather more alternative Day of the Dead pattern. However, if you’re always up for celebrating Halloween and would no doubt thing of many other reasons to wear your new frock, they also have purple and red satin spider-web dresses too!

If that’s not enough, enter the code VOH_Lipstick11 at the checkout when you make your purchase from the Vivien of Holloway online store and you’ll get a special 10% Rarely Wears Lipstick discount. The offer’s valid until 30th November 2011, so you can even use it to get yourself a Christmas party outfit too.

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