The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Lubricant

Once you have found a partner and have negotiated the path to safe sex together, there is one thing that is pretty much guaranteed to make that sex even better: lube. A good lubricant both improves penetrative sex and manual stimulation. Whether or not you’re the sort of person who naturally provides plenty of your own lubrication, the benefits of making things extra slippery can never be underestimated. It can help fingers slide over, around and into places they might not otherwise have explored. It can assist with turning something uncomfortable into something mind-blowingly amazing. It can make those toys a lot easier to work with. If you have a look in a good sex shop, or online, there are lots of different types of personal lubricant available. Try a few out to find out which works best for you, but do make sure that any you choose are suitable for the job (i.e. latex-safe and/or fine to use with silicone toys) before you get stuck in. You will feel the benefit of this research in no time at all.

I understand that my Alternative A-to-Z of Sex may not actually seem all that ‘alternative’. I simply intended it to be an alternative to the bland sex tips churned out by mainstream magazines. The plan is to write a blog post on something that isn’t always the obvious choice (e.g. K wasn’t for kissing) and is always safe for work. Can I manage a post for every single letter of the alphabet? So far so good!
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