The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Kegel

You may have already heard of Kegel or pelvic floor exercises and, if so, you could well be wondering why on earth I’d mention them here. Well known for helping to reduce urinary incontinence in women, especially after childbirth, they might not sound like the sexiest sort of thing you could be doing. However, the location of these muscles should be a key to the other thing the exercises can help you with. Strong easily controlled pelvic floor muscles can help you have better orgasms and, for many people, they can also be the key to becoming multi-orgasmic. Even for men because these muscles, when strong, can give greater control over ejaculation. Apparently, with training, it is possible for some men to orgasm without ejaculating which means they can just keep going.*

There are many devices designed to help tone the pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor but their effectiveness is debated, and they may not even be necessary as there are simple exercises you can do without the use of weights at all. One of the things these muscles do is hold urine in your bladder, so trying to stop the flow once you’ve started is actually a rather good exercise. Once you’ve got the hang of doing this, you’ll know which muscles to squeeze and relax which will mean that you can exercise them at any time. When you’re fully in control, it could be the path to more intense and more frequent orgasms. Now that’s definitely something which belongs in an A-to-Z of sex.

*If you’ve ever had the stamina to try this, do let me know if it works!

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