The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Instinct

This series is labelled ‘alternative’ because it’s not about the first thing that would pop into most people’s heads when given the subject of sex and a single letter of the alphabet. It’s designed to make you think and to still be mostly safe for work. So far it has contained many things that are far more important for good sex than many people would have you think. Forget those lists of positions and oral tips “to blow his mind” in mainstream magazines. The Rarely Wears Lipstick Alternative A-to-Z of sex is a different beast entirely. Today, I is for instinct.

No matter how good or bad you think your instincts are, you’d be a fool not to trust them. If something doesn’t feel quite right, you really should be listening to that little voice inside and asking yourself whether or not you should be doing it. Don’t question your instincts, but question the things your instincts warn you about. If that partner seems wrong in some way, ask yourself why. If something you try out in bed feels strange, stop or change it until you find something you’re happy with. No one curses themselves for trusting their instincts, but many who don’t listen to them often wish they had.

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  1. I dunno… I suspect this only works if you have good intuitive judgement. My instincts about people seem to be dangerously untrustworthy, I'd probably be better off ignoring them!

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