Note to self…

We all want to help our friends in times of need. Some of us will always be there to listen and offer advice when asked, time and time again, simply because we want to. Because we care about the people close to us and their problems. Occasionally though, this can result in us forgetting to look after ourselves.

When it gets to the point where you’re feeling bad for not being able to be there for someone and it starts to affect your own emotional well-being, the time has come to take a step back and think of number one. Remember that you’re not a counsellor or a therapist. You’re not a mental health professional. You don’t have to do this and you’re not actually going to be any good at it if you’re a bit of a mess yourself.

Sometimes we have to say no, and then take some time for ourselves. It’s just not possible to support others all the time. If they’re true friends, they’ll understand… and, when you need it most, they’ll hopefully be there for you too.

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