Competition time: And the winner is…

Thanks very much to everyone who entered the Playful Promises Pin-Up Panties competition. I really loved reading through all your fantastic stories but, after the first few were posted, I realised it was going to be impossible for me to judge this myself because so many of my lovely friends had chosen to submit entries. Knowing who had written each story was clearly going to affect my judgement, and so I decided that what I needed was a guest judge to make the decision on my behalf. That way I could ensure that each entry was judged on the story itself, rather than who wrote it. All fine in theory, but who could I trust to make an objective choice? It needed to be someone who is caring, un-shockable and who understands that it is possible to really need a pair of super sexy panties.

My first and only choice for the job was Urban Tantra Master London Faerie. As the the founder of sex-positive spaces After Pandora and Sacred Pleasures, Faerie is open-minded enough to be able to judge without prejudice. So, yesterday I anonymised all the entries, emailed them over to The Pot and the Faerie’s reply was this: “I made a shortlist: 1, 2, 3 and 7. Then I read them again and I asked myself who REALLY needs these pants. I decided no. 7 was the most in need. I also liked the fact that she shared the link with others ‘against her best interests’. That definitely works for me”.

So the winner is Sophie Orbaum! Sophie chose the snake charmer panties and so a pair of those will be heading her way very soon. I do hope they help her charm some very impressive snakes.

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