Competition time: The circus is in town!

What better way to start a new week here at Rarely Wears Lipstick, than with a competition?Not just any old giveaway either, this is one where you can get you hands on some absolutely gorgeous knickers and inject a little bit more glamour into your life. I know you’re all amazingly glamorous anyway but, if you’re anything like me, you may need that little bit of extra help on a Monday! As featured in the rather exotic issue 4 of Playful Promises Magazine, these Circus Pin-Up Panties are just the sort of thing to brighten your (or a loved one’s) day, as they don’t only look cute in their gorgeous gift tin, but they also look pretty amazing once you’ve wiggled into them too.

The lovely people over at Playful Promises are going to give one lucky winner a choice between three gorgeous styles. If your entry is chosen, you can decide to be one of the following: a feisty Ring Mistress (ooh er!) in sexy black satin with buttons, lace and ruching to emphasise your delightful behind; a sultry Snake Charmer (pictured) in purple and black with gorgeous little bows; or an outrageous Tiger Tamer in hot pink with a naughty heart-shaped lace-covered cut out on your posterior. Tempted? I thought you might be.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me which circus siren you would like to be and when you would wear the panties. It can be anything from a true tale of a party you’re attending with a hot date, to a fantasy scenario where your sexy new circus skills are somehow appreciated by that stranger you’ve been eyeing up on the train to work every day. Cheeky or raunchy, cute or outrageous, I need you to tell me a very short story that leaves me in no doubt as to why you really need these knickers in your life. You have until 5.30pm on Friday, when I shall choose the tale that moves me the most. Entertain, amuse, titillate or plead – the choice is yours. Don’t forget to make sure you leave an email address so that I can get in touch to tell you if you’ve won. Good luck!

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  1. Ok, ok… I'll admit. I need the Tiger Tamer panties, but they're not for me. They're for a friend. Really.

    She's a girl I met on the set of a porn shoot- in fact, she was the producer, and she was paying me. I didn't realize then that she was flirting with me- in fact, I was oblivious until she took me to dinner, and it really only sealed the deal when we were out at a party last night and she taught me just how amazing safer sex can be. That girl knows how to make a pair of latex gloves look super sexy, wetting the fingers with her tongue, a wicked glint in her eye. I'm still a little sore. I think I might be in lust.

    But she's so glamorous, and, well. You know me. I clean up well but at heart my femme stylings are pretty casual. This girl is like Marilyn Monroe to my Dolores Fuller. With these Tiger Tamer panties, I may well have a chance of seducing her back the way she's tamed me.

  2. Black seems to be my staple diet, and if I'm satiated on it, it can totally uplift and motivate my persona to be more Dominant, Seductive and Kinky.

    I couldn't do half the things I do in some of the crazy sexy parties I crawl into at night if it wasn't for Black.

    Black is gorgeous, dangerous, mysterious, flirtatious, erotic, and so much more to me.

    I wore all black to a party this Saturday, although there wasn't much of it – some 80's style suspenders with satin effect, some slinky stockings with crosses slashed across the back of my legs, and a black lacey bra- exposing all of my black ink tattoos – and some black heels. But truth be told, even though most of my flesh was bare, that small amount of black charged me enough to dance the night away to Lady Gaga and Rihanna in a way I had never cared to before.

    So praise be to Black – and perhaps, having some 'Ring Mistress' naughty knickers to boost my prowess the next time I choose to wear next to nothing in public.

    Ana Morphic. xx

  3. Once upon a time (earlier this year), I spent a long, long car journey to Norfolk, and quite a lot of my time in Norfolk, hand stitching a neck ruff on a bright red ribbon, for a very fancy costume, for a very fancy party. Unfortunately, I did not get to go to the ball. I was very sad indeed not to get to prance around in my ruff and my glitter. But ! but but but … with a pair of Tiger Tamer knickers, I reckon I could revive my outfit for an even better party, or maybe even a privte viewing ? Who knows. Well I do, in my mind's eye I'm already swinging on a trapeze while wearing these beauties …
    Miss V. A. Hendricks xx

  4. Ooh, I reckon I should get the snake charmer panties, so I can wield some purple panty power! I'm thinking bright hair in super long ponytails in Japanese anim fashion, a little black top, over the knee stripy stockings, super short tutu skirt and of course the purple panties of power peeking out every time you bend over a little to much, to charm any snakes I come across…

  5. Having tamed my Man Tiger on Saturday at a very naughty party as Bettie Page, I would now like to tame a far broader audience in the Ring Mistress pants and make full use of my bullwhip.

    How can I do this without MY new pants that you are going to send my way? 😉

    Miss Chantal La Belle

  6. LORI, I NEED pants. PLEASE!
    And definitely the Snake Charmer ones.

    It is getting to the stage where boys ask, 'hey weren't you wearing those pants last time I stayed?' and I think we all know that isn't a desirable situation to be in.

    So please help a beggar be a chooser and let me have the purple ones. I like purple pants best.

    Even though it is against my own interests I will also spread this link to all my friends. But please ignore their entries.

    Lots of love x

  7. I think I need the Ring Mistress panties.

    In reality I will absolutely wear them on my own prancing around in front of the mirror, but lets pretend instead that I shall wear them to a very sensible and boring meeting and feel very saucy as only I know I'm wearing frilly knickers!

  8. Oooh I would love the Tiger Tamer knickers, I have a new man in my life who I need to 'pin down' and as you'll see from my twitter profile, he's not the only pussycat in my life, my darling bengal says these knickers would be purrrrfect for her mama 🙂

    I would wear them with a black bullet bra, some black elbow length gloves, marabou mules, and a very naughty smile.

  9. As a bellydancer, I would *need* the Snake Charmer panties. I imagine wearing them onstage, under my sumptuous layers of skirts and veils.

    I'd twirl just a bit closer, picking someone out of the crowd…but who? The man in the corner? No, too much cologne. The guy in the sweater? He looks a bit delicate,I'd break him in half…who, who?

    Then I see him, the man in all black. Our eyes meet and with a nod, it's understood that I belong to him. We meet backstage, I lead him to my dressing room. I let him unwrap me, layer by layer, until I'm standing there, wearing nothing but my black and purple panties…

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