Feminism Friday: Sexist Slogans

Every now and again, someone tweets a link to something for sale on the internet which makes me do a double-take. Recently we’ve seen a girls’ t-shirt with the slogan “I’m too pretty to do homework”, and then Topman takes things a step further by comparing women to dogs and also making a list of ‘excuses’ for domestic violence into something that’s apparently wearable. I don’t know which is more annoying: a) the fact that a large company can get clothing like this all the way through to the point of sale without anyone pointing out that it’s a load of sexist shit that should never have left the brain of the moron who came up with it, or b) some idiots still buy slogan t-shirts! Seriously people, what the fuck?

Image via Topman.

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  1. Ah, the modern curse. You can be as much of a witless tosser as you like, if you scoff and tell anyone who challenges you that it's IRONIC LOL.

    I honestly thought that people would get tired of it by the late 2000s, but apparently not.

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